About Brownberry®

Brownberry® is Bread Perfected®.

In 1946, Catherine Clark began to notice something about the American diet. She saw that good, old-fashioned homemade wheat bread was missing and decided to do something about it. Using a family recipe with freshly milled wheat, she created bread that had a unique flavor and hearty goodness.

Everyone praised its wholesome flavor and texture. So, Catherine convinced her husband, a bank officer, to take out a $7,000 mortgage on their home. She bought an oven, a mixer, a second-hand delivery truck, and an old grocery store to use as her bakery. She fired up the oven and began baking her hearty wheat bread. Watching fresh loaves coming from the oven, she said, “brown as berry,” and Brownberry Ovens was founded.

With sales more than doubling every year, she expanded operations, building a $400,000 bakery in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. The bakery has grown several times and is still the major bakery of Brownberry products. In 1972, Mrs. Clark merged Brownberry with the Peavey Company in Minneapolis, providing fresh bread for the new eastern markets.

Times changed, the company grew, but the standards set by Catherine remain. The original essence of her creation can be found in a variety of delicious wheat and grain products, all baked in Catherine’s slow, old-fashioned way – one batch at a time.

For nearly 60 years, Brownberry has added old-fashioned, homemade goodness to the American diet.